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Our Products

Areca Palm Plate Machines

With this machine Production Of Plates Can Be Increased By 2-3 Times (normally 3000 Plates Per Shift ) and for operating 10 Moulds You Just Need Only One Worker(replacing 1 worker in the place of 3).In a normal old available system, you need at least 20 feet for 10 moulds but in our new machine, you just need 6 Feet For 10 Moulds. Since the machine is automatic the production is linearized and efficiency of the production is increased exponentially. This machine is a perfect choice for those who need more production of plates with less worker strength with increased and linearized efficiency. With the increase in demand for areca palm plates and dinnerware, this machine is definitely a very necessary and needed change that a manufacturer should adapt.

Transformer Coil Moulding Machine

This Current Transformer coil moulding machine is a semi automatic 4 mould machine.This machine is capable of moulding 4 coils at a single time. The moulds are fitted with heaters that are controlled by digital temperature controllers. This machine has reduced the worker strength by 50% and the production of the coils is increased 3 times compared to the old manual process.This machine is completely designed and built in our company .

2 Axis CNC Lathe Retro Fit

In this project we have retrofitted the normal conventional lathe with our special cnc controller which controls the hydraulic and lathe functions parallely . The main application behind this project is to increase the production output by two times but the production result what we achieved was more than two times and the worker strength was reduced from three people to one person.

Automatic CT Coil Facing Retrofit

In this project we have converted the manual facing of the ct coil to automatic facing for better finishing and increased production.We have converted a normal lathe into a two axis cnc lathe with pneumatic auctuators .This project turned out to be a very successful and efficient process.

Automatic Murukku Making Machine

This project is our first project related to food product industry.In this machine we have used hydraulic operations for squeezing the mixture out of the container. This product is specially designed to increase the production and reduce the worker strength and strain.

Leather Embosing Machine

This machine is a specially made automatic pneumatic leather embossing machine fitted with counters and timers for efficient operation.

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